1. Name of company:


Vietnamese name: JSC Application Software Development and Computer Science

English name: CADS Software Corp.

Name: CADS

Prior to 2005, called: Applications & Co. Software Development Informatics CADS

2. Contact address:

City office.


- Address: No. 2, M6A, TT6, Bac Linh Dam urban area, Hoang Mai District

- Tel: (84-04) 3641 3449, 3641 3454;

Fax: (84-04) 3641 1279

- E-mail: cads@vnn.vn


City office.


- Address: Centre for Software Technology Hai Phong and Lach Tray 225, Ngo Quyen District

- Tel / Fax: (031) 3828 775

- E-mail: cadshp@cads.com.vn


City office.

Ho Chi Minh

- Address: 97 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1

- Tel: (84-08) 3914 3786;

Fax: (84-08) 3914 3787

- E-mail: cads@fpt.vn


3. Date of establishment:


Company Date of establishment: 01.07.1997

Branch in Ho Chi Minh City: 2001

Hai Phong office: 2000

4. Business Registration Functions: Producing computer software

5. Board of Directors: Chairman of the Board & Director Company: Dang Hoang Anh

Products and services

1. The process of establishment:

(Since 1997) Corporation Application Software Development and Computer Science (CADS) is a professional company operating in the field of manufacturing ERP software, management software Finance and Accounting in Vietnam.

Starting in 1997, just a computer center with 3 members, until 1998 Ltd. Application Software Development and Computer Science (CADS) was established.

2005 conversion to a business model called Joint Stock Corporation and Applied Computing Software Development (CADS) with 40 employees.

Company staff are dynamic, creative and innovative ideas, including a computer engineer;

Bachelors economic and financial and accounting;

advisers and collaborators are researchers and business managers.

In the years since the beginning of establishment, CADS not only intensive investment, improve the quality of products, software services but also focus on expanding the scale of market development throughout the country.

2000 opening of representative office in the city of Hai Phong.

In 2001 the company opened a branch in the city CADS Ho Chi Minh.

Number of customers trust already uses software CADS growing quickly.

To date, more than 3,000 businesses nationwide already use the products and services provided by the Company CADS.

CADS provides products and services based software combines business savvy, technological capabilities and experience to meet the maximum requirements of customers with many models and other industries


The CADS software products built since 1997 and continuously improve and develop to meet increasingly more fully the actual requirements of the enterprise.

2. The software products:


Overall Management Software Enterprises: CADS ERP.Net

Software Finance and Accounting Management: CADS 10

Management Software Finance and Accounting: Accounting 2008 CADS

Software Finance and Accounting Management: CADS Net 90

Sales management software: CADS-SAM

Inventory management software, warehouse: CADS-STM

Sales management software: CADS-BH

Software management of toll collection: CADS-TP

Human resource management software, salaries, timekeeping: CADS-HRM

Attendance management software: CADS-TMS

Dispatch Management Software: CADS-ODM

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3. Warranty (Warranty) Warranty: 18 months warranty.

Warranty 24 / 24h by phone, fax, email or direct consultation at the Office of the customer.

Technical support, 3-month program.

The interests of customers during the warranty: During the warranty period customers are upgrading, updating the latest changes in the mode of financial policy.

Do not pay any fee for the upgrade program.

With warranty and after-sales services on, customers will save 30% - 40% of the cost, increase the value of the software used

4. Service (Service):

- Survey and assistance required to build the information system of Finance and Accounting and Administration business production.

- Programming, design modification and development programs under the specific requirements of customers.

- Deploying the application, installation and training to use.

- Support for use after training, warranty and maintenance of information systems.

- Upgrade and expand the development of its customers.

5. The most modern technology (Technology) The products of the company CADS applied the latest technology, the most modern in the world:

- Programming Languages: VB.Net, PHP, ASP.Net, Visual FoxPro 90

- Programmable architecture: Client / Server, File Server, Web-based

- Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Visual Foxpro

- Report design tool: Component One, Crystal Reports, Visual Foxpro

6. Target (Target): Intensive in providing ERP software solutions, software Finance and Accounting Administration.

Always at the forefront of the production, transfer and application of ERP and Financial Accounting software in Vietnam.

Diversification of products to fit different customer groups: small, medium and large enterprises.