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Mr. Le Thanh Cong Chairman of Management Board and CEO Co. Audit - Tax Consultants (ATC)

04/05/2016 View: 3083 Chairman of Management Board and Chief Executive Officer Company Limited Audit - Tax Consultants (ATC)
Co., Ltd. Audit - Tax Consultants (ATC) is the auditing company has a great reputation in the field of accounting, auditing and business consulting. The operating principle of "independence, objectivity and confidentiality of customer data," the slogan: "Do our best!" - "We will do the best!". In order to implement the principle of trust that we have selected and use accounting software CADS stability over 7 years of JSC applications and computer software development (CADS).

CADS-party service is very attentive, you CADS very enthusiastic staff, worked for the accounting firm made me feel reassured.

Thank CADS, you have brought to us one useful tool for us to manage our financial and accounting 1 and scientifically accurate.

Happy CADS growing strong to be able to bring our businesses as the peace of mind, confidence in their work.