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Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Board - Chief Accountant Investment Corporation Hanoi project about accounting software CADS

04/06/2013 View: 2987 Chief Accountant Public Investment Corporation Hanoi
Investment Joint Stock Company Hanoi Construction Company is specialized in the field of Civil Engineering works; Construction of traffic, civil, industrial, irrigation; leveling; Production of precast concrete slabs, concrete pipes, reinforced concrete piles; Purchase building materials; Cargo handling, warehousing operations; tests and technical analysis, installation of equipment for the construction work; Cargo

With the policy of first mover development trend, the company has successfully fulfilling the goal of "Innovation, safety and sustainable development". Apply technical advances and rapid scientific and technological mastery moi.Gop part in the success of our company must include accounting software CADS, for many years to use the software CADS we always get enthusiastic support, attentive technical team. So the accounting work of the company always smoothly almost without interruption, congestion.
Thank the technical team and wish for company CADS CADS continue to assert its position in the market in particular software & information technology sector in general.

(Nguyen Thi Kim Board - Chief Accountant Public Investment Corporation Hanoi)