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Ms. Phan Thi Huong Chief Accountant Vietnam Automobile Co., Ltd. Hung said about accounting software CADS

02/01/2007 View: 3410 Chief Accountant Co., Ltd. Automotive Vietnam Hung
Vietnam Automobile Co., Ltd. Hung - business enterprise specializes first Mitsubishi cars and prestigious in Hanoi is one of the customers are using accounting software CADS.

Over more than 10 years of development, Vietnam Automobile Co., Ltd. Hung has gradually asserted its position as well as create a great reputation in the market domestic automotive business. With the motto "All for customer satisfaction," the company has continued efforts in new technology investments. One of the technology investment must mention is the option to use the accounting software of the company CADS Application Software Development & IT, a companion for 10 years. The selection of accounting software products are completely correct. We absolutely believe in the quality and stability of the software CADS, especially the timely support, enthusiasm and professionalism of the technical team. Thank CADS has contributed to the growth strategy of our company. We are looking forward to continue to receive cooperation and support more of your units. Good company CADS growing!