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Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Deputy Director Office of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company Phuong Thanh Tranconsin Communications

06/06/2013 View: 3554 Associate Justice Office of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company Phuong Thanh Tranconsin Communications
"Choosing the right partner - the road to success"
Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Deputy Director Office of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company Phuong Thanh Tranconsin Communications

As a large company in the field of construction traffic, construction teams distributed from north to Ca Mau advantage, with the scale of more than 500 workers in the form of salaries for different objects (salary Securities products and time salary, wages logs, various standard workday, paid according to department transferred, allowances per day ...). For human resource management and accurate calculation and timely income wages to employees, the company's policy is to apply Phuong Thanh software in the management of personnel and salary.

With this policy, the 2011 Company Phuong Thanh has selected a software company specializing in software design administration software deployment-specific business model. But after nearly 17 months after the contract has yet to meet the requirements and are not to be reported. Date 26/11/2012, after the process of understanding and introduction of many enterprises use the software, the company Phuong Thanh option contract with JSC Application Software Development and Computer Science (CADS). Experts from the company after 03 days CADS learn the characteristics of businesses made by standard processes into software design of Human Resource Management (HR - Attendance - Payroll) CADS HRM

After nearly 3 months of collaboration with companies Phuong Thanh, Software Human Resource Management HRM CADS finished and useful contributions to the work of the company. Payroll payroll department originally was 4 after applying the software temporarily reduced to 3 people. After 01 months to become proficient, just one person is possible for the entire staff payroll company with more than 500 people (if the company wants to cut wage costs).

For the input data entry personnel work, tracking of moving parts to payroll under construction, only 1 person. Complete the operating margin to maintain the software just 02 people (minimum case management of business expenses).

To the present time, after the successful application of human resource management software, timekeeping, payroll into the daily work of the company, employee wages are excited, passionate because the software is easy to understand, easy to use, reports for work serves simply as a computer mouse click action, not complicated and easy mistakes as before using the tool excel. In the event of personnel changes, the software uses just half the day is who will be able to become proficient in the software to meet business needs. For the management company, from now had a useful management tool, to control the daily work of staff.

Through this we learned a valuable experience is: the process of partner selection is very important, this is the key to business success in any business does. In economic times such as the current opening, in a forest enterprise to distinguish and choose the partners with experience, thickness, with enthusiasm, with passion for this job is not simple. If we choose the right, the last just "click" is finishing work hard though to some.
We would like to thank to the company warmest CADS has cooperation, successfully developed software for human resource management our company. Happy CADS development company growing.
Nguyen Anh Tuan - Deputy Chief of the Office of Construction and Investment JSC Transportation Phuong Thanh
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